How To Get Fake Facebook Likes (Working...)

Why Facebook Likes in Your Fan Page is so Important?

I personally hate Facebook. But I am pretty sure 99% of the internet users are not with me but with Facebook. Facebook is becoming more and more powerful today. There’s no doubt that majority of the websites have their own Facebook fan pages and they are in an ice war of collecting likes. Today the number of page likes to the Facebook fan page has become a measurement of reputation as same as Alexa ranks. But remember getting likes or increasing the number of Facebook likes is not that easy. Because only one Facebook like can be given by one user. But here I would like to provide you a solution to this mess.

How to increase the likes in Facebook Page

In order to increase the number of Facebook likes to your Facebook, carefully follow these steps. You don’t have to pay for anything. This method is absolutely free and practically workable.
OK. Here we go. In order to do this we request community support.

First visit this link and create a new AMF account here. This is the initial step that requires beginning collecting new likes to your Facebook fan page.

After registering, sign in to your account.
Click Add Site/Page button.
Select Facebook Likes
Enter the title of your Facebook fan page.
Then enter your Facebook page URL. Ex:
Turn off Total Clicks option.
Turn off Daily Clicks option.
Set CPC to 8
Click Save Changes.

Done. Step one is complete.

Now click Website Hits tab under Free Points. A new browser tab will be opened and several websites will be automatically loaded and unloaded. Don’t worry about what’s going on that tab. You just leave it alone and do some other work. Until you keep the tab open you will receive new likes to your Facebook fan page.

This is the currently most reliable and faster method to get fake Facebook likes. You don’t have to go on advertising or begging people to like your Facebook fan page anymore.

Happy liking…!

How does Facebook auto liking work?

AMF is actually like an advertising programme which you do not have to actually pay. They appear your Facebook page on their website and let others to like it. When they like your Facebook page they will earn credits to promote their own Facebook fan pages. The method I have used to earn credits is pretty easy. Instead of liking others Facebook pages we hit their websites so that we get free credits really fast. But we use the same credits to get likes to our Facebook fan page. Keeping the Website Hits tab opened will continuously increase your credits and finally increase the number of likes to your Facebook fan page.


Make sure you check your mail inbox and confirm your account registration at AMF.

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There are two ways to buy Facebook fans, the legit and illegit way. The legit way is to run advertisement on the Facebook. Facebook has an option to boost post by making some payment which can be according to the package. Once the user has signed up for the package their advertisement will start appearing on different Facebook profiles and the number of likes will increase almost instantly. These are real Facebook fans which have been purchased in the legit way. The illegit way us by using certain service providers who provide likes on Facebook by other ways such as advertising on different groups and pages, some might even generate the likes through BOTS.


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i challenge with my friend but he lead by like i want a like plzz help me


i challenge with my friend but he lead by like i want a like plzz help me

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